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This project enables users to monitor their accounts, track their investments. This application also tracks the spending in order to help people successfully manage their money and develop personal strategies for transactions. It manages different types of bank account s or credit cards.


User can check weekly or monthly or yearly transactions. It checks the entire event like deposits, payments, transfers, credit card payment and all transaction on a single touch. User can add image for each transaction. It can check different types of transaction name and its status.


Mainly it can add the address location on map where the user spent money. It gives alert at the time of less amount of money in account. Finally it saves valuable time to track all the records.









The project involves features as follows:

  • Graphs your progress throughout your transaction.
  • Full history allows you to see every time you invest money away.
  • Built in calculator will tell you how much balance you have.
  • Tracks multiple items Bank Balance, Credit Card Balance,Deposits,Payments and Transfer at the same time.
  • Use it as your own personal bank statement.
  • Graphs your progress throughout your transaction.
  • Add address map to remember the transaction location.
  • You can change your entries if you need to change a little cash from your savings.


Portfolio Examples:


Project Title: Maxim Radio


"Covino and Rich" is an application developed to listen the "Maxim
Radio" through iPhone without interrupt. It allows joining all of your
Maxim Radio friends with this iPhone app. This application allows iPhone
user to listen to the show. Take Covino and Rich with you wherever you
go in the palm of your hand. Get all of your Covino and Rich goodness in
one location. This application allows to follow their MySpace, get
instant "News Alerts", view their Twitter, check out their Facebook,
read the forum, view pictures and videos from the show, play all the
sound clips that you've grown to love, and even call or email the show
with a single tap. The project involves features as follows:
· View Pictures from the show
· View Videos by streaming video
· Listen Audio from the show
· Follow their MySpace
· Get instant news about the show from "News Alerts"
· View Twitter
· Check the FaceBook
· Read the Forum
· Call or Email with the contact button.

Technologies: Objective-C, iPhone SDK 2.0, Cocoa API, PHP

1. the first screen should be a splash screen.
2. View random pictures from server.
3. Audio and Video streaming.
4. Follow their MySpace.
5. Get instant news about the show from "News Alerts".
6. View Twitter and Read the Forum.
7. Check the FaceBook like tagging on images
8. Call or Email with the contact button.
The most critical requirement is:
9. they want the entire module in a single area.

The Solution:

The solution covers all requirements as follows:

1. We studied the client requirements with our high level analysis
process and prepared a plan to utilize all the existing features within
the limit.
2. As per our plan, we realized the complete idea into working piece of code
3. Since the functional area is very small so we separate the Forum part
from other. And we can make Forum to support discussion between users.
4. Then we integrate rest of the module into a single module. For this
integration we take the help of PHP.


Project Title: iVandal
Features: Camera, Photo Gallery, Graphics
Description: iVandal is an iPhone application for entertainment
purposes where user can take a new photo or import an existing photo
from his camera roll on the mobile device, deface it with help of
paintball splatter, spray paint and rock and then save the defaced photo
to the device.

Objective-C, iPhone SDK 3.0, Cocoa API, SQLite


Project Title: iMall Navigator
Features: GPS, Proximity Sensor, Web Server Interaction
Description: This application helps user to navigate to closest Mall
and stores within the mall based on different categories. User will be
having different search filters to locate a mall. User has a favorite to
store the search results.

Objective-C, iPhone SDK 3.0, Cocoa API, SQLite