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Growth Management

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Server Management

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Server Management

Our support doesn't stop once your OS is installed. We go further by providing performance and MySQL optimization, third party software installation and debugging, as well as troubleshooting, all at no additional cost.


Instant Live Support

Our customers have instant live access to our tech support staff via ICQ (Instant Messaging) 24/7/365. This means whether you are having a problem installing software, debugging an application, or simply have a question, there is always a technician ready to help you.


Server Migrations

We know the stress involved in switching webhosts which is why we provide server migrations to all of our customers, free of charge. We examine your old configuration and create a migration strategy. We also use it as an opportunity to review how your sites are setup and introduce optimizations so that your new server outperforms your old.


Performance Optimization

We address performance optimization in three layers, the OS, software, and bottlenecks. Each operating system that we install is pre-tuned to maximize the use of all available resources. Applications configurations are modified to remove unnecessary features and also optimized to the specific tasks that the server will be performing. And we constantly track and graph server performance, analyzing system performance for any possible bottlenecks.


MySQL Optimization

Software Installation and Developer Debugging

Whether its a Linux of FreeBSD package or a separate third party application our support staff can complete the entire installation for you. To help customers design better applications we provide analysis of how their hardware is interacting with their software and what possible bottlenecks may be created in the future as the application continues to grow. By addressing these issues before they become problems, customers are able to continuously grow their sites.